Bidvest Trade Services

Bidvest Trade Services


Bidvest Group Limited is an international investment holding company with investments across the food service,broad services, trading and distribution industries. Established in 1988 and with many years of industry experience, Bidvest understands that international business trading can be complex, involving many different transactions and documentation such as payments, payment collection, letters of credit, guarantees and trade finance loans. It is for this reason that Bidvest has created a one stop for business international trading requirements in form of trade services.

Bidvest Trade Services product offering includes open account payments, foreign bills for collection, letters of credit, bank guarantees, trade finance, customer foreign currency accounts, trade flow and forward exchange contracts.

Open account payments refers to foreign payment where an open account term exists between the importer and the exporter. Foreign bills for collection assists South African exporters with receiving payments from your overseas customers. Letters of credit facilitates financing, provides legal protection and ensures examination of all documents related to the import/export transaction. Bank guarantees ensure that should the debtor fail to settle a debt, the issuing bank will cover that debt.Trade finance deals with short term trade finance and working capital.

Customer foreign currency accounts refers to a foreign currency banking account designed for South African businesses with offshore trading liabilities.Tradeflow gives approved importers access to trade and supply chain financing while enabling hands on control of regulatory, document handling and international payment processes. Forward exchange contracts offers two methods of exchange contracts for importers to facilitate payments to overseas suppliers.

To access these trade services, Bidvest can be contacted on 0114073103.

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