RFS Financial Services

RFS Financial Services


Wealth creation is all about producing assets for you to enjoy at some time in the future whether it be for a holiday,to purchase a home,to pay for a wedding or the usual purpose of retirement.It has also been long established that financial wealth and security is often difficult to achieve without structured planning and assistance.The role of advisers and planners in this regard is to ascertain client needs, wishes and desires and devise a financial plan to achieve those goals. One business entity playing a role in this regard is Redefined Financial Services (RFS) Financial Services.

Redefined Financial Services is a new generation financial services provider,offering a holistic approach to financial planning and wealth creation.Established in 2008,this firm offers specialised expertise that can generate the most appropriate and relevant financial solutions for individuals and commercial businesses.This fast rising entities business products and services are divided into Financial Advisory, Banking, Short Term and Investment Solutions.

The Financial Advisory Division consists of 15 financial advisors, who look after the needs of individual clients.They also consult on medical aid related needs on group schemes.The banking division consists of three dedicated personal bankers who help clients look for the best financing and deal structuring available in the market. Short term division operates with a risk product expert and support team who are responsible for structuring and tailor-making short term products to fit the clients industry related needs. RFS investment solutions are concerned with investment research, portfolio construction and investment manager research.

Redefined Financial Services(RFS) can be contacted on 0118583600.

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