Grofin, SME Finance

Grofin, SME Finance


SME finance has continued to make a significant contribution towards the well-being of the economy.Though to date it has been overshadowed by micro-finance, SME finance is critical in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses reach sizes where it is possible to take advantage of economics of scale and create jobs in significant numbers. Commercial financial institutions are also offering SME finance in collaboration with large firms in other industries such as agribusiness, manufacturing, mining and others. One institution playing a major role in this regard is Grofin.

Grofin is a pioneering development financier specialising in financing and supporting small and growing businesses.This firm combines patient capital and specialised business support to grow emerging market enterprises.This firm will invest between US$100,000 and US$1.5 million .This investment is made in local currency unless your business generates revenue in US dollars.

An agreement is made on a suitable deal structuring and repayment period based on the particular needs of your business. Usually the investment is done between two and eight years. The pricing is open and clear and Grofin takes time to discuss it with you thoroughly during the application process.Its worked out case by case basis taking into account the unique characteristics and risk profile of the business and owners. Added value business support is also included.

Grofin can be contacted on 0129988280.

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