Innovation Group, Provider of Business Process Services

Innovation Group, Provider of Business Process Services


Business innovation is an organisations process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services or products.This innovation enables the achievement of goals across the entire organisation, with sights set on accomplishing core business aims and initiatives. One institution living up to this in South Africa is the Innovation Group, which is a provider of business process services.

Innovation Group was established in 1996, todate this business organisations business footprint stretches across 5 continents, employs 2637 employees and boasts of annual revenues of approximately  £204.4m. Innovation GRoup has positioned itself as a global provider of business process services and technology solutions to the insurance, fleet, automotive and financial services industries across the globe.

When it comes to motor services,Innovation is regarded as a leader in the field of automotive administration with over 624 185 active service and maintenance plan policies and 341 954 warranty policies under administration.Innovation also offers full business process services to insurance providers and other risk carriers. As a long term supplier to the industry, this firm has developed integrated end-to-end solutions spanning the complete insurance life-cycle.When it comes to technology, all the technology products have been designed specifically for the insurance sector.They help improve agility, provide flexibility and give customers the experience they deserve.

On top of all the mentioned products and services, Innovation Group has fully customizable contact centre solutions that are structured around your specific needs. Whether it’s an Inbound or and Outbound contact solution you need, you will be assisted to drive down costs, improve efficiency, achieving flexibility, agility and responsiveness.

Innovation Group can be contacted on 0117905200.

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