Budget Car Insurance Quote

Budget Car Insurance Quote


Budget insurance is a leading insurance provider in South Africa that has been operating for more than a decade. The insurance industry in South Africa is growing at a rapid pace and there are more industry players now more than ever. 

Budget insurance continues to strive to stand out from the rest and to provide its clients with world-class service. Providing call centre assistance, Budget Car Insurance is high on value and low on premiums.

Budget Car Insurance is one of the insurance products that the company offers at competitive rates. Not only are online quotes available, but the company gives you the opportunity to increase your Third Party Liability cover to R5 million, R10 million and R20 million.

Comprehensive car insurance:

This is a wide package and provides cover for theft of your car, for accidental damages or for damages that you accidentally cause to a third party’s property.

Third Party, Fire and Theft:

This type of cover allows you to claim for the theft of your car and specified damage to your car. You can claim for damage that you accidentally inflict on another party’s property. It’s important to note however that this type of insurance does not cover any accidental damage to your car.

Third Party Only:

This type of cover is best suited to cars that are paid in full and have a low value. With this type of insurance you can claim for the damage you caused another parties’ property. This is the most cost-effective cover. You also don’t get cover for theft of your car and for any damages to your car.

BetterCar Value:

This is a type of cover unique to Budget Car Insurance where you are able to insure your current car, so that if it is written off you will get your car replaced with the same model, which is one year newer.

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