How To Buy Data At Dischem

How To Buy Data At Dischem


Founded in 1978, Dischem is a leading pharmacy chain that has linked dispensaries, family clinics, comprehensive self-medication centres and so much more.  

For many South Africans, Dischem has become synonymous with their popular tagline “Pharmacists who care”, as they continue to provide quality products and services at affordable prices.  

In a rapidly changing retail industry, more outlets are providing a wider array of products and services than before. In the past, heading to a pharmacy was just that- a pharmacy where you could get medicine.  

Nowadays, with outlets such as Dischem and its closest competitor Clicks having to become a one-stop shop for most needs of their customers, the landscape is changing.  

How to buy data at Dischem: 

In South Africa, data costs are exorbitant and the digital divide is quite wide as a result.  Many people are unable to access the internet due to high data costs. This however, hasn’t changed the fact that data has become more of a need than a want and more people are looking for easy ways to purchase it.  

According to a report released by web browser Opera and digital reading non-profit Worldreader, which is also based on results of respondents across South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, most respondents are spending between 100MB and 1GB of data per month. 

While monthly data costs for South Africans remain among the highest in the world, what emerged from this report is that data costs for lower-income users are the real issue. 

In South Africa, the cheapest data bundle offered for 1GB of data is R99, while competitors charges from R150 for a similar bundle. Telkom’s FreeMe packages are currently dominating the market, giving consumers highly competitive cellphone contracts and data packages.  

Dischem till points offer a convenient way to buy data. To buy data at Dischem, all customers need to do is purchase their data when they are paying for their other items. They could also potentially earn more points on the Dischem card in the process. 

To contact Dischem, call: 086 037 7243

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