Top Online Degrees In Demand In South Africa

Top Online Degrees In Demand In South Africa


Tertiary education is constantly undergoing changes. With the rapid changes in technology, an increasing number of institutions are offering online courses and online degrees as an alternative to traditional courses. 

When pursuing online degrees it’s important to remember that there are different presentation and management techniques. Studying this way is often convenient for many people, which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular study method. 

Curricula for online degrees are on par with conventional university curricula. The study material is similar to that offered by traditional institutions and there are lectures and assignments as well. The major difference is that communication is mainly by email. 

When pursuing online degrees in demand in South Africa, it’s important that you choose schools carefully. You should check for accreditation and strong programs. 

Keep in mind that online degrees from accredited institutions are recognised by employers. Your safest bet is to apply at a recognised institution. You also need to remember that these degrees require a lot of uninterrupted time, self-discipline and motivation. 

Studies have shown that industries most likely to embrace online degrees are New Media, technology, Media and Marketing and Telecommunications. 

Top online degrees in demand in South Africa include Accounting degrees and Education degrees.  

Accounting careers are some of the most in-demand careers nowadays. These individuals are often responsible for checking financial statements, taxes and other types of budgetary records. According to recent statistics, the number of jobs for accountants and auditors is projected to grow by at least 13% through 2020. 

From auditing, to taxation, to bookkeeping, to being a chartered accountant, accounting careers are wide and varied. To qualify as an accountant, a minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting or a similar field is required. 

Education degrees are one of the top online degrees in demand in South Africa mainly due to the shortage of qualified teachers in the education.

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