Essential Med – Affordable, Efficient Health Insurance Service

Essential Med – Affordable, Efficient Health Insurance Service


Essential Med entered the medical insurance industry in 2005 and has been providing affordable insurance and hospital cover to numerous South Africans since then. Having medical insurance is a necessity especially in a country like South Africa, where the health sector is still developing and the public healthcare system has a long away to go, before it can be regarded as fully developed. Essential Med provides affordable premiums which give clients access to quality private healthcare.

Benefits of Essential Med include:

Low premiums which start from R106 per month (for Hospital cover)

Unlimited number of visit to general practitioners, maternity check-ups, medication and tests

Unlimited access to chronic medication

Unlimited X-Rays and Blood Tests and two referred growth sonars

Basic dentistry which will include consultation and procedure

Hospital Plan Cover benefits include:

Illness Hospitalization

Maternity Hospitalization

Permanent Disability Benefit

Accident Hospitalization

Dreaded Disease

Emergency Rooms/Casualty Visits

Death Benefits

An Essential Med Hospital Plan is designed to protect clients against unforeseen medical costs relating to hospitalization. Essential Med provides clients with daily cash benefits for every day spent in hospital ion the event of an accident. This is not for a period shorter than 24 hours. This hospital plan is not a medical aid, but a pre-paid preventative healthcare insurance service.

Essential Med gives clients a membership card and policy number which can be used for hospital; pre-authorization and the payment of a stated benefit to cover in-hospital expenses.

Contact Essential Med by calling: 0861 70 70 70 or by visiting

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