Legacy Financial Services

Legacy Financial Services


Honest wealth creation serves the needs of people.To trick a man out of money is to profit in a financial sense, but not to create.To make something of value and sell it is creation.This is not difficult to understand but it is often forgotten.True wealth creators are not just following what others do.They are looking for new ways to create value. It is a much more satisfying way to make money. Legacy therefore entails what value you actually can create and add to the world. One business concern living up to this is Legacy Financial Services.The Legacy vision is to set up a bank where ordinary people become extraordinary as they are helped to build their wealth.

Legacy Financial Services has committed itself to helping individuals, families and businesses to grow their wealth over time, providing a united force and working for good.This is achieved by providing financial services to people earning less than R15,000 net salary, personal finance education, financial services to help members grow their wealth over time, give loans which are affordable as well as funding and advice to Smmes, stokvels, funeral parlours, etc.

Clients and prospective ones can also be confident of accessing other services such as investment accounts, transmission accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, long term insurance, short term insurance, education funding, business services and financial advice.

Legacy Financial Services can be contacted on 0834447414.

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