FNB ATM Loans – Ideal Temporary Loans Solution

FNB ATM Loans – Ideal Temporary Loans Solution


Overspending can lead to depleted funds at the end of the month, leaving one with the responsibility of ensuring that bills are paid on time regardless. Turning to family or friends is an option, but isn’t always guaranteed to produce the desired results. Finding a trusted and reliable credit provider offering short-term lending solutions can alleviate financial pressure. It doesn’t hurt to find a lender with a reputation for fast, efficient service. One such lending institution is industry leader First National Bank.

Known for its technologically advanced banking tools, FNB has created a paperless facility for obtaining short-term loans in the form of the FNB ATM Loans. While also available for use online and via cellphone banking, the facility is easily accessible to a greater part of the banking South African market through ATMs.

Obtaining a short-term loan has been made much simpler by innovative solutions offered by First National Bank. Clients can take up a short-term loan at any FNB branch or ATM nationwide. There are no forms to fill in, and a guaranteed pay-out following approval. An initiation fee may be charged by the institution.

The amount one can qualify for is dependent on the credit profile and is subject to credit approval. Regulations of this temporary loan facility stipulate that it must be paid back within 31 days. Loans not settled within the period may be subject to an interest rate of 2% per month. If paid within the set period, clients may not have to pay interest. Any deposit made into the FNB transactional account from the day after taking up the loan will be allocated towards payment of the loan.

FNB can be contacted on: 087 575 9404.

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