MyTransUnion – Getting a Free Credit Report

MyTransUnion – Getting a Free Credit Report


MyTransUnion is a credit bureau that collects information from various credit providers about credit active consumers in South Africa. This information is collected on a monthly basis. The institution provides yearly access to your free credit report available in pdf format. As a credit active consumer you are able to do get this report online.

How it works:

The process is fairly quick and easy. MyTransUnion will ask you a few multiple choice questions when you sign up. These questions will relate to you and your accounts. For you to be able to get a credit report, you need to be completely honest.

It’s important to note that by getting a credit report via MyTransUnion, there is no negative impact on your credit report. It does not get added to your credit report like other views (such as by a financial institution or estate agent).

What are the benefits?

  • You are able to get better insight into your current debt ratings with banks
  • You can get detailed information about your debt
  • You know exactly who has viewed your credit profile
  • You are able to know exactly how much you still owe
  • This gives you the opportunity to improve your credit rating
  • You can challenge the information presented in the report to keep it completely accurate. To do this, you’ll need to fax a copy of your I.D as well as proof of address within 5 working days to 011 388 4193. Remember to include your TransUnion reference number in all the documents you send.

To get judgements and hand-overs removed, call:

TransUnion ITC – 0861 482 482

Experian – 0861 222 634

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