All You Need To Know About The Takahashi Cash Competition

All You Need To Know About The Takahashi Cash Competition


Most people wouldn’t mind winning some cash once in a while. The thought of having extra cash in their pocket is exciting for most people. Fortunately the internet has made it much easier to access a range of competitions at the click of a mouse. There are multitudes of cash competitions available on the internet. 

South Africans also have access to a range of cash competitions. 

One of these is the Takahashi Cash Competition. 

The Takahashi Cash Competition is offering South Africans to win R1000 cash. To enter the competition, simply complete an easy survey. If you do win, the money will be sent to you and you can use it however you wish. 

To be eligible to enter and stand a chance of winning R1000 cash, you have to be at least 18 years of age, with a valid South African ID. 

The competition is available online, so all you need is access to a reliable internet connection and a working PC. 

You don’t have to pay any money to enter the competition. All you need to do is complete a survey online and provide your personal details. 

Cash competition tips: 

  • Most of the time, it’s about entering your personal details into a system or answering an easy question.  
  • You do need to be careful of spam competition runners. It’s better to stick to competitions run by brands you already know and trust. 
  • You should never have to pay to enter a competition. Legitimate competitions won’t require you pay any cash upfront or to provide your credit card details online. 
  • You should keep an eye on your email for responses 
  • Invest in some antivirus software to protect your computer.  

To enter the Takahashi Cash competition, simply visit 

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