Union Loans – Cash Advances for Your Needs

Union Loans – Cash Advances for Your Needs


Union Loans is a financial institution offering clients unique solutions. If you’re looking for a loan option to help you through a financially challenging month, Union Loans may help you. 

We all face months that seem to be a constant uphill battle once in a while. Without the cash to be able to pay for our needs, we often resort to borrowing from family and friends. But then again, our loved ones may not always be able to provide us with the assistance we need.

Turning to your bank may be an option, but doesn’t always quite work out as planned.

Approaching a micro lending institution such as Union Loans may be the ultimate solution. This lender strives to offer the most affordable loans in the country.

What can Union Loans offer?

With Union Loans you are able to get a cash advance in the form of a payday loan.

New members are able to qualify for loans repayable over 3 months.  As more trust is established, Union Loans will consider giving them the option of applying for emergency loans.

Repayments are deducted on your nest payday.

Individuals can only qualify for emergency loans after 3 months of membership.

To qualify for an emergency loan, you will need to provide the following:

  • A valid death certificate in the case of death
  • In the event of illness, provide a doctors’ certificate

Interest on the loan is calculated daily with an initiation fee and service fee added.

To find out more about Union Loans services, visit their website: www.unionloans.co.za


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