No Finance Cars, vehicles without finance

No Finance Cars, vehicles without finance


People apply for finance at different times in order to own things they need and/or desire. It is unfortunate that not everyone will be approved when applying for finance. People with a poor credit profile and blacklisted people struggle to obtain finance from banks. It makes it impossible to own dream car or apply for credit anywhere else. No Finance Cars makes life easy for such people with an option that does not require them to get any financial assistance.

People can apply for a No Finance rent-to-buy car without any hassles. Cars at No Finance are quality tested and approved pre-owned cars. This unique programme is easy, convenient and clients can also apply for the latest models. No Finance Cars eliminates the stress of applying for finance only to be turned down. There is no finder’s fee, middle-man or agent, and the unlimited supply of cars on offer is owned by No Finance Cars.

To qualify for a No Finance car applicants must be in possession of a valid, unendorsed South African drivers license, earn a minimum gross salary of R12 000 and must be able to pay R10 000 deposit depending on the choice of their car. It is that easy to get a car without applying for finance and clients are able to terminate their contracts earlier, which is subject to terms and conditions.

Clients also have the option to keep the car or return it at the end of the 54 month rental period. Alternatively they can upgrade to a later model provided that the amount was well maintained. For more information on how No Finance Cars work, great deals and special offers go to People can also apply on the website or fill in the online form and a No Finance Cars consultant will be in touch.

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