Edgars Personal Loans – Providing Cash and Clothing Options

Edgars Personal Loans – Providing Cash and Clothing Options


Edgars is a leading clothing company which has been providing quality products and brands for many years. Now the entity has gone the extra mile to meet clients’ financial needs by offering Edgars Personal Loans, which are designed to assist clients with their pressing financial challenges. Personal Loans can be the most expedient method of meeting financial obligations when individuals have fully extended themselves. Unexpected costs can be handled by obtaining a personal loan, as can house renovations or car repairs and hefty education fees. Edgars personal loans are offered at fixed interest rates, providing clients with the peace of mind, knowing that their monthly repayments remain unaffected by interest rate fluctuations. Clients are also not charged any penalties for early repayments.

Edgars is a registered credit provider and is compliant with regulations set out by the National Credit Regulator. Personal loan applicants are subject to credit assessments. Clients who have qualified for Personal loans who are experiencing difficulty with monthly repayments should contact Edgars and the institution will suggest a debt counsellor who will consider the application and determine whether clients are over-indebted or not.

Clients who pay well are given the opportunity to apply for a top-up loan after 6 months. Another exclusive benefit of Edgars Personal Loans is the R250 in vouchers supplied to individuals who take out a loan.

Applications are simple, as they can be done online or by visiting any Edgars branch, and making an in-store enquiry.

For Edgars’ distinctive Personal Loans offer, call: 0861 000 123 or visit www.edgars.co.za.

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