Clear bad credit with assistance from top specialists

Clear bad credit with assistance from top specialists


Having a bad credit record is not good for anyone; it can put a person’s life to a standstill. Imagine trying to apply for the job of your dreams and not getting it because of bad debt, or applying for finance because you can finally afford the car of your dreams only to be declined because of a bad credit record. It makes life greatly unpleasant knowing that all debts have been paid up but because of a bad credit listing, all applications for credit are declined time and again.

Hahn and Hahn are legal practitioners who pride themselves in clearing people who have been blacklisted. With years of experience, Hahn and Hahn’s Credit Bureau Clearance Division can help repair people’s credit worthiness. Whether listed by a retail shop, bank, or company Hahn and Hahn can help any individual or company redeem themselves.

It is unfortunate that bad credit listings remain on the credit bureau for up to ten years even after settling a debt. There is also no excuse good enough for accounts not being paid. Because Hahn and Hahn understand that people lose jobs, have family obligations and sometimes are just not able to make repayments, they have therefore dedicated themselves to assisting such people.
Some of the listings at the credit bureau include adverse listings (which remain for up to two years), judgement listing, garnishee order and administration order (which remain for up to ten years). Because of these listings people and companies would have a difficult time opening bank accounts, applying for finance or any other credit.

Hahn and Hahn advises that all accounts should be paid, legal documents should never be ignored and for people to read carefully before they sign any legally binding document. For more information on Hahn and Hahn and how to have a bad credit record repaired, the services they offer and different listings on the credit bureau people can go to

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