Looking at Freeway Financial Services Loan Providers

Looking at Freeway Financial Services Loan Providers


Freeway Financial Services is a financial institution that provides a variety of credit solutions in the form of loans. By working with a range of affiliated registered credit providers that are compliant with the National Credit Act.

To offer multiple types of loans of those include Blacklisted loans for those who have a bad credit history. Freeway Financial Services will not hold it against you if your credit history is not so squeaky clean.

The financial service provider also offers Consolidation loans offered up to a maximum of R120 000. With repayments that are lower and offered at lower interest rates to bring you that debt management solution when merging your multiple debts into a single monthly repayment.

Then there are also Personal loans, which can be used to pay towards those cash amounts that may require a higher amount to be paid. Whether towards something such as your child’s school fees and Freeway Financial Services offer this type of loan up to a maximum of R25 000.

Freeway Financial Services also offer those short term loans often required for those unexpected expenses such as money for petrol to tie you over until payday. And these are payday loans, which Freeway Financial Services offer for amounts up to R4000.

These loans are an offering by Freeway Financial Services. Therefore achieve financial freedom with any of these loans, which are helpful to make it through many financial challenges.

Contact: Freeway Financial Services at 012 546 5747.

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