Izwe Loans – Sustainable Credit Plans

Izwe Loans – Sustainable Credit Plans


Thanks to shrewd financial policy and the enforcement of the National Credit Act, South Africans are able to rely on trustworthy lending sources. Research has indicated that a growing number of South Africans require debt to assist them to pay for unexpected expenses and hefty education costs. According to data from the National Credit Regulator, 44% of new unsecured credit lines and 31% of the value of those credit lines go to those earning under R10 000 of income per month. This indicated that a steady supply of lending emanates from micro lending institutions. 

One of these institutions is Izwe Loans, which provides unsecured personal loans of up to R50 000. Clients are given 9 to 60 months to repay.

Izwe Loans come in the form of Student Loans, Consolidation Loans, General Loans and Building Loans. These loan options are offered at fixed interest rates and fixed instalments over the term of the loan, which means that repayments remain unaffected by variations in the prime interest rate.

As a trusted lending institution, Izwe Loans has provided over R1 billion in cash to a customer base in excess of 150 000. Ideal for undertaking projects like building, paying education fees or settling medical expenses, Izwe Loans gives clients innovative credit plans, which are sustained without compromising on quality and security. Consolidation loans are useful for helping clients to manage their debt. Izwe Consolidation Loans give clients an opportunity to pay one instalment as opposed to having to make multiple payments on a monthly basis. This may result in lower interest rates for clients as well.

Call Izwe Loans on: 010 206 7400.

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