JustLoans Short Term Loans

JustLoans Short Term Loans


Just Loans is a financial service company that specialises in a variety of loan products – short-term loans, home loans and consolidation loans – specifically for individuals who are blacklisted. The company has been serving South Africans for over 10 years and their services are more accessible because their operation is conducted online.

The personal loans offered by Just Loans range between R2, 000 and R50, 000 with very flexible repayment terms. You can either opt for a shorter repayment term and avail of smaller interest rate or pay longer with smaller monthly instalments.

As mentioned, Just Loans specialises in providing loans for blacklisted individuals. While their interest rates are competitive, it is still higher than regular bank interest rates because of your credit rating.

The company will require assurance that your will be able to repay your loan regularly.

After you have completed your loan application online, the company starts to process your application. You will get a reply within 2 hours if you sent in your application within the regular operating hours.

For a blacklisted individual, Just Loans offers some of the best options you can find, with an easy application process, flexible loan amounts and manageable repayment terms to choose from.

Summary of services include

  • Short-term cash loans
  • Online Cash Loan
  • Personal Cash Loans
  • Loan for people with bad credit
  • Short-term Personal Loan
  • Emergency Cash Loans
  • Resolve Financial Problems
  • People with bad credit apply
  • Budget Management
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