FNB Student Loans – Assisting Tomorrow’s Leaders

FNB Student Loans – Assisting Tomorrow’s Leaders


Furthering your studies nowadays is more of a necessity than a choice. To contribute towards economic growth, citizens of various countries all over the world recognize the value of education. In South Africa, statistics show that the number of individuals who are registering for tertiary education continues to soar year upon year. Although the numbers keep rising, salaries seem to be lagging behind. An increasing number of individuals have come to rely on lending institutions to provide them with the necessary resources to fund their studies. 

First National Bank has stepped up to be a trusted and reliable lender for such needs. The bank has created a specific service to meet the needs of individuals looking to further their studies. Students without a steady source of income are able to apply for the loan provides that a guardian or sponsor acts as surety.

What do I get from FNB’s Student Loans?

You are able to loan a minimum amount of R4000 and you are only required to repay the interest portion of the loan while you complete your studies. The actual loan amount is payable upon completion of your studies.

The loan is useful for paying for tuition fees, accommodation, books and equipment, etc.

The loan automatically comes with a Life Start Account which has a student debit card which has lower bank charges, among other benefits.

Payment is made via monthly debit order.

To qualify for this loan, when applying you will be required to provide these details: 

Proof of income

Latest 3 months’ banking statements

A quotation or offer letter from the schooling institution

Visit www.fnb.co.za or call 0861 40 40 40 for more details about how to get the best from an FNB Student Loan.

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