Bidvest Bank Loans – Financing Business Needs

Bidvest Bank Loans – Financing Business Needs


Starting a company comes with complex challenges such as obtaining finance for purchasing costly equipment or for working capital. Small and large firms often require cash injections to boost business functioning. It is vital for these entities to find a suitable lender to meet all their financial ideals. Processes for obtaining this capital are made easier by Bidvest Bank. With over 150 years of experience and 100 branches worldwide, Bidvest is a frontrunner in the finance industry. Bidvest recognises that businesses are an empowering force in the economy and help to curb unemployment and contribute towards a robust economic performance. This money management specialist offers business driven services. Quality and excellence drive the financial institution’s operations. 

Bidvest is a provider of loans for everyday business operations or for raising funds to inject capital into the business for medium to long- term growth. It’s the aim of Bidvest to build strong relationships with energetic, growth-minded companies. Bidvest offers finance to businesses at competitive rates, with repayment structures scheduled to suit individual business needs. Asset-based finance is offered in the form of: Full maintenance leasing, rental finance, instalment sale finance, commercial property finance and medical equipment finance.

Full maintenance leasing handles unforeseen maintenance on company vehicles and instalment sale finance is for the purchasing or paying off of vehicles and other movable assets. Commercial property finance is for the purposes of buying or renovating commercial, industrial or retail property. The outcome of loan applications will be based on the company’s financial standing and creditworthiness.

For obtaining finance which could improve cash flow for your business, contact Bidvest on: 011 407 3103.


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