Cash Loans for Emergencies

Cash Loans for Emergencies


Kathlego Cash Loans:

Established in 2010, Kathlego Cash Loans is a specialist provider of cash loans for emergencies. By providing cash loans available at the click of a mouse, this lender is able to provide South Africans with simple finance to help them meet any emergencies they have. 

Through its web based application, this institution is able to offers online payday loans.

Cash loans for emergencies can come in quite handy when the unexpected happens. You may have your budget set for the month, then suddenly fall ill, leaving you with a medical bill to settle.

A lender like Kathlego Cash Loans is able to provide short term finance of up to R3000 with a flexible term of 3 months to pay.

When approved for finance you will be able to afford to pay for emergencies such as rent, school fees and medical expenses.


Cobol provides instant cash solutions for individuals looking for short term finance. The lender promises to provide assistance in a fast, efficient and professional manner.

You can get finance between R500 and R3000 which you can repay within 6 months. A repayment plan will be structured to ensure that you can afford to make repayments at a comfortable rate without putting too much strain on your budget.

Following the application process and your approval you just need to reply to accept the loan and the cash will be deposited directly into your account. Cash loans for emergencies are based on individual affordability, so you will be granted a loan amount that is based on how much you can really afford to repay at the end of your loan term.

You will then have the financial freedom to pay for short-term emergencies such as paying for school fees or rent for the month.

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