Moov Trading Loans- Quick Blacklisted Finance

Moov Trading Loans- Quick Blacklisted Finance


These days, getting access to a personal loan isn’t as difficult as it was in the past. In the past, to get extra cash during those tough months you had to put on your best outfit and head down to your local bank to try and convince the manager why you should get access to a loan.

With the advent of improved technology however, options are now far more varied. These days you no longer only have to rely on banks for finance. There are various micro lending institutions available.

Finding the right lender can be quite a challenge however, so it’s important that you get help from experts.

Moov Trading is one such expert.

With extensive experience in the lending sector, Moov Trading knows how to find the right lending institution for various borrowers.

Moov Trading Loans is a financial institution that also trades as Dot Loans, Moola Loans, Loan Seekers, iLoans and Loans4 Africa.

With more than 15 years of experience in the blacklisted finance industry, Moov Trading specialises in putting clients in touch with lending companies.

As a leading loan origination company, Moov Trading specialises in matching borrower’s needs with offers made by lending institutions.

The various lenders that Moov Trading has partnered with offer personal loans to blacklisted individuals, of up to R250 000. Online applications can be done, which are simple and convenient

To qualify for loans offered by these lenders, you need to be a South African citizen with a valid identity document. You also need to have a bank account with debit order facilities. You will also need to earn a minimum of R3000 per month.

Once you have been approved for finance, you are free to use this loan however you choose.

Contact Moov Trading by calling: 087 940 3072


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