A Guide to Loans for Government Employees in South Africa

A Guide to Loans for Government Employees in South Africa


Lending institutions have different criteria for assessing you and deciding whether you deserve to be awarded access to a loan or not. When you apply for a personal loan, a lending institution will typically assess your employment status and previous payment history.

Most people who are applying for a personal loan have to meet particular criteria set by the lending institution.

How loans for government employees work:

Government employees are more likely to qualify for a personal loan. This is generally because government employees are considered to have a stable form of income. Government is regarded as a reliable employer and the salary is generally considered to be high enough to cover the costs of the loan.

The loans are unsecured, so there is no security needed.

Loan amounts offered are up to R150 000, with a reasonable repayment term.

Applications can generally be made online, so you can apply at any time, from wherever you are. There are no face-to-face interviews. You can also apply even if you have a bad credit record or if you have no credit history.

What do you need to apply for loans for government employees in South Africa?

  • Valid South African ID
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements (bank stamped)
  • Proof of residence
  • Copy of your latest payslip

As a government employee you also have the benefit of being able to apply for a cash loan on your bonus.

To qualify for a bonus loan, you need to have been employed for 2 years or more by government. You also need to have a good credit record and not be over-indebted. You can apply for the loan within 60 days of your birthday.

Bonus Buddy allows you to borrow a maximum of 20% of your bonus.


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