Atlas Finance – Loans to Solve Short Term Financial Needs

Atlas Finance – Loans to Solve Short Term Financial Needs


Established in 1994 by Jack Halfon, Atlas Finance is a short-term loan provider. Its founder’s vision was to provide financial assistance to all South Africans in an ethical, responsible and legitimate way. Operating in a micro-lending industry inundated with service providers with a focus on unsecured lending, Atlas Finance has sought to stand head and shoulders above the rest. With added competition from bigger commercial banks, unsecured lending has made the industry more competitive.  In 20 years of operation, Atlas Finance has established over 170 branches nationwide.

Atlas Finances’ expertise is evidenced by the wide array of clients in excess of 2 million who have been assisted with loans from this institute. A registered credit provider and proud member of micro-finance South Africa (MFSA), Atlas endorses responsible lending. The 9.Nine Loans product offered is a specialised solution which gives clients the option of taking out loans of up to R3000 or more over a 4 to 6 month period. These Loan options also give clients R99 as a gift from Atlas Finance.

Personal loans are also offered up to R8000 with 1-6 months permitted as a repayment period. Taking care of expenses such as car repairs, education costs or stocking up on groceries is made easier by Atlas Finance Loan solutions. The institution also offers the option of a top up loan which could be taken during this time should clients need extra money. The entire process is made simpler through an online application process. Applicants can also call: 0800 204 679.

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