Legal Loans – Unmatched Financial and Legal Services

Legal Loans – Unmatched Financial and Legal Services


Studies have shown that unsecured loans in South Africa have grown at a 30% annual compounded rate since their introduction in 2007, when the National Credit Act was signed into law. The demand for credit continues to rise as more consumers struggle with meeting their financial obligations when unexpected expenses occur. In steadfast compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, Legal Loans is a financial services provider which has strived to service this market efficiently and effectively. 

Legal Loans is a unique entity which provides financial products and services in South Africa and offers its clientele legal assistance as well. Since inception is t has assisted over 200 000 customers and has matched them with suitable lenders around South Africa.

The institution’s specialty lies in the matching of clients with money brokers or lenders that can help them with achieving their short-term financial goals. Legal Loans’ professional staff will assist with making the process seamless and convenient.

These services are extended to provision of powerful legal advice and protection from identity fraud. Offered at a once-off nominal fee, this service is ideal for confronting any legal hassles which individuals face daily.

As an institution that aims to service a wide range of individuals facing financial turmoil due to unforeseen circumstances, individuals with bad credit are also assisted by Legal Loans.

Legal Loans is able to assist with finding loans from a minimum of R2000 up to a maximum amount of R150 000.

Individuals can contact Legal Loans on: 021 815 4500.

Online applications can be done by visiting:

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