KND Finance

KND Finance


KND Finance provide short term cash loans designed to meet the needs of South Africans. If you are looking for emergency cash KND Finance has the solution. It’s micro finance that’s useful and affordable for you.

Especially when it comes to repayment and cost because as we all know short term finance is not cheap. If you require highly competitive interest rates, flexible terms and conditions and easy and affordable repayment then look no further, especially when you are in a cash crunch.

And since the basis of a short term finance is defined as a business or personal loans that have a shorter-than-average timespan for repaying the loan.

An advantage of lending through KND Finance is that they offer you an extension on the repayment plan, which is major as not a lot of micro lenders offer this option. Although it may cost you but it gives you leeway to pay off your debt without running into trouble with credit collectors.

To get your loan call them on Phone: 041 582 3431 / 072 994 7680.



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