Benefits of Absa Loans

Benefits of Absa Loans


We all have months which are a bit tight financially. Absa Bank has created a suite of loan options designed to give clients easier access to additional funds when most needed.

Absa Express Loans:

This short-term solution is useful for helping you reach your next payday. Funds can be used for immediate crises and the loan is repayable over 1, 3 or 6 months. You can gain access to between R1500 and R8000 with this option. To qualify, you need to provide your South African I.D, proof of residence, your latest payslip and proof of an active bank account. You need to be employed, earning a minimum salary of R1500 per month.

Absa ATM Loan:

Existing Absa customers can apply at any Absa ATM for this loan. One of the benefits is that you are given quick, easier access to cash. Your responsibility will be to ensure that you repay the loan within one month. Once you apply, Absa accesses your withdrawals and transactions history and determines if you’d be able to afford the loan. If you qualify, you are given immediate access to the loan as it will be transferred into your Absa transactional account.

Absa Overdraft:

This option gives you access to funds even if you run out of money in your account. This product gives you the safety net of having a little extra when you need it most. Available on the Absa Silver, Gold, Medical, Professional/Platinum cheque accounts, Absa Overdrafts are offered to existing clients earning a regular minimum salary of R3000 per month. Overdrafts are offered in three forms:

Standard: 12 months availability and renewed annually.

Reducing: Limit reduced on a monthly basis until the full amount is settled.

Temporary or Bridging: Available for a fixed period and must be settled in full at the end of that period.

To benefit from Absa loans or to find out how else you can apply, call: 0860 100 372 or visit

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