Blue Education Loan – Building the African Dream Through Education

Blue Education Loan – Building the African Dream Through Education


Getting in an education is important, due to the increased competition in the job market. Recent data from Statistics South Africa has indicated that education inflation has been outstripping inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI.) This means that the rate of the increase in education costs has surged ahead much faster than consumers’ salary increments. Education inflation is at 10%, four percentage points above general inflation. Blue Financial Services believes that education is the cornerstone of social upliftment on the African continent. For this reason, the institution has created special personal loans for studies through approved learning institutions at subsidised interest rates. 

Blue has a commitment to building the African Dream and extends this culture to its operations in the more than 12 African countries within which it operates.

Education expenses include a range of items which must be purchased or paid for. Tuition fees are soaring year-on-year and many individuals are buckling under the pressure. School uniform can also be quite costly and often leaves many parents financially stranded. The Blue Education loan can be highly useful in such instances.

The Blue education loan can be used for school fees and/or uniform. It also applies for all levels of education- from primary school to tertiary, as long as the institution is recognised. To qualify, applicants need to bring an invoice from the institution or the uniform supplier and Blue will pay the supplier the full amount directly.

To get in contact with Blue Financial Services, SMS the keyword “blue” to 32545 and they will call you back. Alternatively, call: 012 990 4300.

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