Capitec Bank Global One Loans – Competitive Instant Loan Solutions

Capitec Bank Global One Loans – Competitive Instant Loan Solutions


Unrivalled by any of the 4 major South African banks in this sector, Capitec’s Global One loans are on an enviable trendsetting level. This ideal financial management product offers loans of up to an unprecedented R230 000. The banking institution has made rapid strides in the financial sector, gaining a sizeable market share in the time it has been operating. With Global One Loans, the institution gives clients viable options for solving financially distressing circumstances.

These loans are required to be repaid by the clients within a period of 1 to 84 months and are offered at guaranteed fixed monthly repayments, so clients have the assurance of repayments unaffected by fluctuations of the interest rate. The amount of credit granted by Capitec Bank is dependent on the individual’s credit profile as well as their affordability. Approval is guaranteed within minutes for qualifying candidates. Accompanying this offer is a consolidation option which is essentially designed to facilitate easier monthly repayments.

Another loan option offered by Capitec’s Global One package is the multi-loan.

The multi-loan option gives clients the option of borrowing up to R4000. It is reviewed in-branch annually. This loan allows clients to transfer money to their transactions or savings account using Capitec ATMs, mobile banking or internet banking facilities. Interest is only charged on money transferred.

In order to potentially qualify for thee competitive loan solutions, applicants must be formally employed. They are also required to present a valid identity document, original proof of residence, their latest payslip and 3 months’ bank statements.

Capitec Bank’s Global One Loans are set to set new lending standards.

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