1st For Women Loans

1st For Women Loans


Some dreams cannot be accomplished when obstacles are standing in your way; mostly, people see no light at the end of a tunnel simply because they don’t have what it takes for them to get out of that cocoon of challenges. They say silence is golden but this might not apply in situations where you have no money to address a problem; the only way is to break the silence and talk to a financial services provider who is able to take you out of that cocoon.

Ist For Women is one such firm that can give you a bit more of financial freedom by offering you a personal loan of up to R150 000, that way you can consolidate your accounts and start working on your dream plans. No collateral is required and there is no risk involved with this loan facility. The institution has trained and experienced consultants who can adjust your loan into a tailor made one and come up with a product that matches your needs.

To achieve the above, a client should choose how much they need to borrow let alone picking a repayment term which is flexible to them; repayments are fixed thus a client mustn’t agonize about interest rate and fluctuations. The repayment period ranges from 12 months to 5 years.

Documents required during loan application:

  • National ID number
  • Bank account details used for paying your salary
  • A clear credit reference
  • A regular income of at least R3 000 (proof of income is required if a client is self-employed)

No interviews or much paperwork is required thus a client should simply apply online or call the creditor lender on 0861 222 677, from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week.

1st For Women Loans

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  1. Elizabeth Baloi
    Elizabeth Baloi 9 August, 2015, 14:21

    I would like to apply for a Loan for R20000

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  2. Elizabeth Baloi
    Elizabeth Baloi 9 August, 2015, 14:26

    I would like to apply for a Loan for R20000

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