Elite Loans

Elite Loans


Elite Loans are financial solutions ideal for helping you get out of financial trouble. When you are facing a challenge and are short of some funds, it may serve you well to consider getting finance from a micro-lending institution such as Elite Loans. Offering personal loans, Elite Loans has short term solutions for your needs.

How much can I get from Elite Loans?

With a personal loan from Elite Loans you can get a minimum amount of R300 and a maximum of R8000. Repayment periods are from 1 to 6 months. These loans are short term in nature and are useful for when financial emergencies arise.

Elite Incremental Loans are available from R300 to a maximum of R15 000. These loans are repayable within 7 to 24 months.

What is required for qualification?

  • You need to earn a minimum income of R2500 per month
  • You need to have a proven track record of 2 years of continuous employment
  • Be above the age of 21 years
  • Be a South African citizen

As a registered credit provider, Elite Loans provides loan solutions to individuals who are in good financial standing, who can afford to repay the loan comfortably.

How can I apply for an Elite Loan?

Simply call 011 475 7705 or visit the Elite Loans website here: www.elitegroup.co.za

Applying for a personal loan from Elite Loans can help you with meeting short-term financial obligations or goals. The loan can be useful for financing home renovations, for paying for geyser installations, security installations, house extensions or unexpected medical bills. In the South African financial market, an increasing number of individuals are thoroughly considering their options. They are no longer only relying on their banks for finance. More micro-lending institutions have stepped up and provided consumers with finance at fast rates with easy access. Elite Loans is one of these institutions and provides individuals with flexible and affordable loan terms.

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