Changes in equity statement examples with template download

Changes in equity statement examples with template download


A Statement of Change in Equity is a financial statement that shows the changes in the share owner’s equity over a specific accounting period. These changes may be the result of shareholders’ transactions such as new shares and dividend payments. They may also be due to changes in income, such as net income for the given accounting period or revaluation of fixed assets, to name a few. 

Owner’s equity is sometimes referred to as the book value of the company, because owner’s equity is equal to the reported asset amounts minus the reported liability amounts. 

To calculate company equity, add the values for the total current assets and long-term assets. Then, subtract the values of total current liabilities and long-term liabilities. An alternative calculation of company equity is the value of share capital and retained earnings less the value of treasury shares. 

As Equity is defined as the owner’s interest in the company assets in other words, upon liquidation after all the liabilities are paid off, the shareholders own the remaining assets. This is why equity is often referred to as net assets or assets minus liabilities. 

Therefore it’s for things like Revenues, gains, expenses, and losses are income statement accounts. Revenues and gains cause owner’s equity to increase. If a company performs a service and increases its assets, owner’s equity will increase when the Service Revenues account is closed to owner’s equity at the end of the accounting year. 

Go to to download Statement of Change in Equity Template for Excel. 


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