Top 5 Offshore Investments To Watch In 2019

Top 5 Offshore Investments To Watch In 2019


An offshore mutual fund is an investment vehicle based in an offshore location like International Currency Markets. The International Currency Market is a market in which participants from around the world buy and sell on different currencies. 

Local investors are buying into global investing as a key pillar of their long-term investment strategy. Here are top 5 offshore investments to watch in 2019  


Crude demand is looking strong despite pressure from environmentalists for cleaner energy. Longer-term demand is projected to grow at about 1.8% per year, meaning it’s expected to grow more than 40% over the next 20 years, with BP well positioned to yield from the global demand. Today, BP’s revenue growth is buoyed by the relative crude recovery, strong growth in net income, robust revenue growth, notable earnings-per-share growth, and manageable debt levels. 

Citigroup Inc 

Diversified financial holding company Citigroup operates through two segments: global consumer banking, and institutional clients group. This is one to watch in 2019. It’s one stock many portfolio managers have a buy position on. Citgroup’s stock price has dropped over the year given its relatively low return on equity, but much of this can be offset by its growing profit margins, revenue growth, good cash flow from operations, progress in earnings per share, and rise in net income. 

British American Tobacco 

The Global tobacco giant is a company that still offers value in regards to offshore investments it has one of the highest cash flow return-on-investment ratios in the market. It’s one of the most of the JSE-listed companies, especially the blue-chip Top 40, global companies that just happen to be listed locally. It derives the bulk of their profits from foreign jurisdictions, and so local investors are realising that South Africans are actually global investors, even when we buy local shares.  

Old Mutual Global Equity 

Is a unit trust incorporated in South Africa. The Fund is rand denominated providing an entry point to world stock markets by means of broad-based exposure to quality shares across the globe. The Fund remains as fully invested in equities as possible. 

Stanlib Global Balanced Fund 

Investments may also be made in regulated collective investment schemes, money market instruments, cash deposits and real property to provide further diversification. The fund is a class fund of Stanlib Offshore Unit Trusts which invests exclusively in the Stanlib Funds Limited.

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