Credit Cards – Comparing the Best

Credit Cards – Comparing the Best


If you’re looking to open a credit card account. There are various options available at each of the major banks. Each have their own benefits and when it comes to credit cards compare each offer to find the one that suits your individual needs.

Nedbank Credit Cards

Nedbank offers a Gold credit card that includes automated basic travel insurance of up to R1 million as well as flexible repayments and free supplementary card. There is a once off initiation fee of R135 a monthly service fee starts from R30.

ABSA Credit Card

ABSA offers various credit cards, including Platinum, Gold, Transact, Affinity, and Students card. You can apply for various credit card based on your income level and they offer a variety of benefits including the ability to link garaged card to your credit card, detailed monthly statements, and exclusive offers and discount from Visa or MasterCard.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers the Platinum credit card for people earning more than R58,000 per month. This card has a lot of benefits to offer, including experts financial support the credit limit of up to R120,000 and the option to increase your limit of six months. You also get up to 55 days interest-free credit when you pay the outstanding balance in full every month.

First National Bank

FNB offers a Gold credit card with a personal credit limit of between 10,000 Rand and 60,000 Rand. You will have up to 55 days interest-free credit, as well as unlimited card swipes for purchases. You also get free access to Internet banking, cellphone banking and telephone banking.

With all these great benefits you can choose between various credit card offers find the one that work for your unique needs.

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