FinChoice Loans – Simple, No Fuss Loan Solutions

FinChoice Loans – Simple, No Fuss Loan Solutions


FinChoice Loans are a division of the HomeChoice brand, which has had a successful run throughout its existence. FinChoice specialises in providing short and long term loan solutions which are flexible and are offered at no fuss. Loan solutions are offered in 3 distinct categories: 

  • 6 month flexi loan 
  • 12 & 24 month personal loans 
  • Kwik Advance 

If you’re looking for a convenient loan solution that offers you a flexible payment structure, FinChoice’s 6 month Flexi loan may be ideal for you. The application process is quick and takes 10 minutes.

The 12 &24 month personal loan is a flexible long term solution that gives you the advantage of lower instalments.

With KwikAdvance, you have access to loans from R100 to R2000. You can repay FinChoice by your next payday. Flexi Loans provide up to R8000 while the longer term 12 and 24 month personal loans provide up to R25 000.

Turnaround periods are fast- FinChoice strives to put money in loan clients’ accounts within 24 hours. Another advantage is that instalments are fixed, so there are no surprises.

Born out of the HomeChoice legacy of quality, value and service of the highest standard, FinChoice offers South African HomeChoice customers of good credit standing with a bank account, a range of personalised options. Customers are then able to spend the loan amount however they choose. This may involve paying for education costs, or even unexpected medical bills.

A registered credit provider, FinChoice aims to be transparent in its dealings, upholding moral, legal and ethical codes.

Contact FinChoice by calling: 0861 346 246.

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