PicotiFin is a provider of credit products and services. The company is based in Alberton but, it operates online and this enables it to serve consumers from all over South Africa.

PicotiFin’s personal loans are speedy to obtain. How you may ask? Well PicotiFin have made their application process as quick as possible through their online and fax application service. Once you’ve submitted all the required documents plus filled out the loan application form via fax or email, you can expect a reply within minutes.

And they also promise an approval with a quick turnaround as to resolve any of your cash issues right away. After you sign the loan agreement, a direct money transfer will be applied by the lender to your account.

You can also contact them to obtain a payday loan. Of which if the ideal short term loan is considered one that’s fast to obtain, sufficient to meet your needs and easy to repay. Then PicotiFin loans have that along with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment options of 1-36 months. With the longer term repayment will give you smaller monthly instalments while a shorter term will help you save on interest payments.

And for their personal loans they can be quite affordable to people with good credit history. Applicants with clean credit record can expect to pay the lowest rates which the lender has to offer.

If you feel you want to know more or are actually interested in the loans contact them by calling PicotiFin at 011-907-3459 or fax 086-536-8797.

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