How Gather Online Social Giving is Disrupting Social Networking

How Gather Online Social Giving is Disrupting Social Networking


How gather online social giving is disrupting social networking

When one thinks of how social networks have changed the landscape of communication, it becomes evident how much the digital revolution has improved systems. Even though tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have come to dominate social networking, there are also new entrants into the market that are innovative.

Since Facebook was founded it has created a vast number of opportunities for social networking and has since become known as the benchmark for how successful social networks run.

One such disruptor is Gather Online.

More about Gather Online

Launched by a team of South Africans based between Australia and South Africa, Gather Online is a social discovery platform that is set to be a market disruption.

Gather provides a platform where people can meet like-minded individuals through time-limited conversations on any topics of interest.

How does Gather Online Social Giving work?

The topics of discussion last only for a few days, then they disappear, making sure that the content of the platform stays fresh and active.

A Gathering is not broadcast to the world.

The company is running a promising equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

While social networking sites like Facebook create ways for people to connect, what many users have found is that they don’t always find the time to connect with all their connections. While a user may have 700 friends, the reality is that they may only be actively communicating with about 10% of those friends at any given time.

What Gather Online does is that it creates an opportunity for users to connect on a more personal level. The kinds of conversations that happen on Gather are intended to create opportunities for users to engage and connect on a regular basis and to encourage this form of connection.

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