Get To Know The Parts Of Your Debit Card And Its Purpose

Get To Know The Parts Of Your Debit Card And Its Purpose


Almost any time you open a bank account, the bank will issue a debit card to you. When using a debit card the way the transaction goes through is that you’ll have to enter your PIN (personal identification number) to complete the transaction. 

Debit cards usually allow for instant withdrawal of money, acting as an ATM card for withdrawing cash. But as much as many people use debit cards there are certain parts and purposes that people aren’t aware of. 

Like that your debit card can be used as a credit card.  With the debit cards that have a credit network logo on them like Visa® or Mastercard®, this lets you choose to pay with credit at merchants that accept those credit cards.  

With this credit option, also known as offline debit or signature-based debit, you can swipe or insert the card and then sign to complete the purchase. Also choosing credit could offer you more cardholder benefits. One advantage of choosing credit and signing when making debit card purchases is that the card networks may offer you protections, such as zero liability for fraudulent purchases. 

And although you’re choosing credit on a debit card, the card still works like a debit card. Therefore it won’t help you build credit. This is because with a debit card, you don’t have a revolving balance. You’re spending money from your bank account, not making purchases on credit (i.e., borrowing money). Therefore your debit card account or account activity doesn’t get reported to the credit bureaus, so they don’t show up on your credit reports or affect your credit scores.

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