The Benefits of a Debit Card vs Cash or Cheque

The Benefits of a Debit Card vs Cash or Cheque


Using a debit card can be a convenient alternative to cash or cheque let us find out how.  

Your debit card comes with a lot of conveniences. It’s a great way to pay “cash” for everything, but still have a record of each transaction. This is a nice way to see where your money is going each and every month and it’s impossible to over-spend.  

Once your money is gone, you won’t be able to make any more transactions. It’s also lighter and more convenient to carry the debit card.  

This is because your money is represented in a form of a lightweight plastic card which doesn’t carry all that much weight in your wallet or pocket. As compared to carrying money which depending on the amount needed you might have to carry a whole lot in your wallet or pocket.  

Just as with cash if you carry very little in your wallet or pocket chances are you may run short of money especially considering when you out there purchasing. This can be problematic as it can cause a waste of time and energy to go purchase an item with which you may not be able to obtain due to not carrying enough money on you.  

Whereas with a debit card you sought of have unlimited funds at your disposal through the funds that have been deposited in your account, also depending on if the funds are in your account. Also with a cheque you have to lug around a book with which at times you might even lose the cheque with which you had written out. 

And with the technology boom of online banking and payments, which have become a fast favourite for most people, written cheques are becoming less and less common. However for a merchant, the beauty of cheques is that it costs nothing to accept just like cash. But also just because you’ve a cheque in hand, that doesn’t guarantee payment; bounced cheques can even cost you money. Depending on your bank, they may assess fees for these bounced cheques.

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