Home Loans with Bond Busters

Home Loans with Bond Busters


If you have a signed offer to purchase or have a deposit for your mortgage finance as well as the registration costs. Have a clean credit and bank record then you can apply now for a new home loan with Bond Busters, a leading independent broker in South Africa.

With a focus on getting existing homeowners better interest rates on their bonds, and releasing equity (profit from the increase in value) from their properties.

When it comes to Home Loan Financing and Remortgaging Bond Busters is best. As applying for a Bond or re-mortgaging can be a tedious and timely process. Bond Busters will take on the administrative hassle, whilst getting you the best rates available by thoroughly researching all the options according to your specific needs.

And this service is free of charge to you the client, or bond holder. Bond Busters receive a commission from whichever bank they place you with the bank which offers you the best deal. When it comes to the types of remortgage deals there’s a wide range of products on offer from fixed rates, variable rates, access bonds, flexi-bonds to one account.

And how Bond Buster’s will assist is through their offer of the home loans and assistance during the application process with their consultants. Who’ll explain to you the relative pros and cons of these loan products so to find the right deal that’s right for you.

They’ll also be able to give you an estimate of the rate they believe you should be paying. This is just an estimate and will be subject to the approval in principal from the lender once they’ve submitted your deal. Once your property has been valued the rate will be confirmed.

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