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Ntombi Bonds


The South African financial industry is robust and constantly evolving.  An increasing number of people require various types of financial services. More people have bank accounts and more people require access to a range of financial solutions designed to meet their individual needs. Ntombi Bonds is an institution created to help individuals meet their financial goals and needs through the provision of a variety of services. 

How can Ntombi Bonds help me?

Consolidation of accounts

If you are struggling to repay your various debts every month, Ntombi Bonds may have a solution for you in the form of debt consolidation. This debt management tool is ideal for merging multiple debts into a single repayment. This repayment is usually a lower instalment. Ntombi Bonds can negotiate lower interest rates with your various creditors on your behalf, giving you the chance to finally become debt free. Consolidation can also improve your cash flow, allowing you to pay for your other expenses.

Switching accounts

Let Ntombi Bonds take care of your needs if you would like to switch accounts.

New loans:

Applying for a new loan doesn’t have to be a complicated process with Ntombi Bonds. This institution will find the right solution for your individual needs.

Financial needs:

If you need help with managing your finances and require help with budgeting, Ntombi Bonds is there to help.

Bridging finance

Ntombi Bonds can help you with bridging finance while you are waiting for your lump sum pension pay out.

Vehicle finance:

If you want to buy a new car, Ntombi Bonds will be there to help you get the finance you need.

Personal loans up to R10000:

Use these personal loans to pay for unexpected expenses or for paying for your child’s school fees. Pay for a medical bill or renovate your home; it’s up to you.

Ntombi Bonds address:

25 Paulina Smith Crescent




Contact Ntombi Bonds by calling: 0861 444 949 or 079 390 4969.

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