Apply for a Nedbank Home Loan

Apply for a Nedbank Home Loan


A Nedbank Home Loan is one of the best ways to fulfil your home ownership dreams.  Obtaining finance to purchase a home is a challenging experience no matter how you may look at it. Fortunately Nedbank has a dedicated suite for your Home Loan needs. The bank is one of the biggest five in South Africa and is renowned for having the most lucrative Home Loan solutions for its clients.

Nedbank offers clients an Ordinary Home Loan as well as a Building Loan option.

Ordinary Home Loan:

This loan solution is ideal for those who want to purchase an existing property. This is a flexible loan that is tailored to suit your home needs. With a repayment period of 25 years, these loans come with fixed and variable interest options.

The loan has a Readvance option which gives you access to capital that you’ve already paid. If you are looking for a way to get finance for some home renovations, a Nedbank Home Loan may be ideal for you.

Building Loan:

When you want to build your own home from the ground up, the Nedbank Building Loan helps you achieve your goal. This gives you the freedom of constructing your dream home or to add some alterations and improvements to an existing property. The repayment period is also a reasonable 25 years – giving you a sufficient period to repay your loan.

What are the benefits of getting a Nedbank Home Loan?

  • They are hassle-free and quick
  • You can get bond approval within hours
  • The application is paperless – saving you time
  • You get regular feedback on your application
  • You can apply online

What do you need to qualify for a Nedbank Home Loan?

  • You need to earn at least R2500 per month
  • You need to apply for a loan for a property of R100 000 or more
  • You need to have a clear credit record

Visit the Nedbank website here: to find out more about the Nedbank Home Loan.

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