Legal Loans – Ideal Loan Finding Services

Legal Loans – Ideal Loan Finding Services


With statistics reflecting that many South Africans are sinking under debt, it’s no wonder that blacklisted client figures continue to soar. With quick cash and easy credit available the lending industry will take a long time to reform from reckless lending. A number of blacklisted clients now have the option of obtaining financial assistance from institutions whose specialty lies in the responsible provision of these loans.  One of these institutions is Legal Loans.Legal Loans specialises in helping individuals with finding personal loans and providing clients with legal and I.D. fraud protection. The entity’s track record indicates a successful rate of helping over 200 000 clients find a suitable lender and/or broker countrywide. Legal Loans endeavours to assist clients who have bad credit histories, judgements against their names, garnishee orders, defaults or who are simply refused by commercial banks. Following a once-off fee of R395, payable to purchase legal and I.D. assist plan for a period of two years, clients are given a free loan-finding service. Legal Loans aims to match clients with a money lender/ broker that can help with achieving their short-term financial goals.

Legal Loans has a high success rate in securing approved loans- which range from R2000 up to R150 000. The institution’s success can be attributed to steadfast compliance with the Consumer Protection Act. Individuals can apply by connecting to the Legal Loans Call centre on 021 815 4500 or by alternatively filling in an online application form.

Based in Cape Town, Legal Loans assist clients nationwide. Applicants need to satisfy lenders’ requirements before application. These include the need to be between 18 and 65 years old. Clients are eligible if they have not been placed under administration, debt review or under any debt restructuring. Legal Loans does not run any credit checks, but some money lenders or brokers may choose to do so. The turnaround is between 3 and 5 days, while repayment terms are provided by the money lender. Generally, loan repayment periods are subject to what clients qualify for and can afford and are between 12 and 72 months.

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