FNB Home Loans – Smart Solutions for Your Home Finance Needs

FNB Home Loans –  Smart Solutions for Your Home Finance Needs


With the wide selection of financial service providers available nowadays, more individuals have numerous options for how to get home loans. First National Bank (FNB) offers an array of home loan options designed to give individuals flexible solutions for all their home buying or building needs.  

If you want to buy, build or combine your home loan and your cheque account, FNB Home Loans has just the right solutions for you.  If you need a Shari’ah Home Loan, Foreign Choice Home Loan or any other type of home loan, FNB has the solution you need.

If you want to buy: 

FNB Home Loans has offers for individual, joint, closed corporation, a Trust or a Pty (Ltd). The bank specialises in providing housing you can afford, while repayment terms can be extended up to 20 years.  The Smart bond option allows individuals earning from R3500 an opportunity to access home finance. The Private Wealth Home Loan provides you with finance for a residential property, vacant residential stand or smallholding.

If you want to build: 

If you are interested in building yourself a home, FNB Home Loans has just the solution for you. A minimum 10% of the total package price is required and you have 12 months to complete the building. The loan term is limited to 240 months and you will be required to pay the monthly interim interest.

If you want to combine and save: 

Instead of having a cheque account as well a home loan, a One Account allows you to have a single account for both. This solution allows you the flexibility and choice not just in the type of loan you choose but also how you choose to pay.

Shari’ah Home Loan: 

This is a product that is based on a Diminishing Musharaka agreement, which allows you to purchase the bank’s portion up to a period of 20 years.  Profits are fixed for one year reviewed annually.

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