Mastercard Now Uses Facial Recognition System

Mastercard Now Uses Facial Recognition System


Selfie lovers you are going to love this. Mastercard, which uses facial recognition to authenticate users’ identity, is bringing the selfie game to banking.

It is a mobile app for biometric verification of online payments, sound like the future is here, well then read on…

To use MasterCard’s selfie pay system, customers will have to download MasterCard’s app to their phone or tablet. Then, after entering their Mastercard credit card information as normal during an online payment, they’ll hold their device up to their face to take a quick picture.

Users will have to blink to prove that they’re not holding a photograph in front of the camera, and MasterCard says its algorithms can tell when someone is trying to fool the system by using a video.

The facial recognition system will only be used in certain contexts when further authentication is needed, and that a lot of its security is based on knowing whether a transaction just seems normal or not.

Also during the transaction a lot of information about you will be revealed such as your location and where the goods are getting shipped. The app also uses fingerprint scanning as a verification method.

The facial recognition is part of technology in the payment sector known as biometrics system a way of authenticating one’s identity. There are many ways that biometric authentication works. Through our fingers via touch ID, eyes and voices whether voice calling or can all be pathways for biometric authentication.

The MasterCard Selfie Pay so far the app is available in parts of Europe as well the United States and Canada. MasterCard plans to roll out it to the rest of the world early in 2017.

Check it out for yourself…

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