Street Spirit Cash Loans (SSCL) – Fast, Convenient Loans

Street Spirit Cash Loans (SSCL) – Fast, Convenient Loans


We all have those months that push us to the limits financially. Finding some extra cash at such times can be quite a stretch. Fortunately, in South Africa, clients have access to a numerous forms of finance. When your car needs repairs in the middle of the month, when you’re flat broke; or even when you need to pay for unexpected medical bills that have come up at the most awkward time of the month, you can rely on credit solutions.

Aside from traditional lending institutions such as banks, there are various micro-lenders willing to create tailor-made solutions for each individual. These lenders provide unsecured loans, which means that you don’t have to provide any assets as surety for the loan. Loans are provided at competitive interest rates and repayment terms are flexible and reasonable.

One such lender is Street Spirit Cash Loans (SSCL) which specialises in providing fast, convenient loans. SSCL provides individuals with unsecured short term loans. An added advantage is that blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply.

How can you apply?

Applications can be done online or simply in-branch.

Once all necessary documentation has been submitted, and the loan has been finalised, you can get paid within 30 minutes.

What is required for application?

  • 3 months’ bank statement
  • Most recent payslip
  • Valid I.D.
  • Earn a minimum salary of R2100 per month

SSCL is able to create a payment structure to suit your individual needs. Loan solutions to your financial standing can be created.

Call Street Spirit Cash Loans (SSCL) here: 011 786 0705.

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