Vbs Mutual Bank, Providers of Loans for Every Need

Vbs Mutual Bank, Providers of Loans for Every Need


The financial services sector is in essence,in the business of expanding economic opportunity.This is the core value proposition of its products and services to clients. It is therefore not surprising that more and more financial institutions are coming on board and experimenting with ways of expanding that pool of clients to include lower-income individuals, entrepreneurs and SMEs. One institution that has come on the scene and made a huge difference is Vbs Mutual Bank.

Vbs Mutual Bank offers a wide range of personal loans to suit every need.These loans may be structured within product offerings over different terms to ensure an affordable installment. Loan products are divided into Starter Loan, Prime Loan and Premier Loan.

The Starter loan is ideal for low income earners and offers minimum amounts of R1,000 and a maximum of R3,000.The repayment term runs up to 6 months.The Prime loan describes mid range smaller loans that cater for emergencies such as medical costs, vehicle repairs, school fees, furniture, appliance purchases, etc. Minimum amount offered under Prime is R3,001 and the maximum is R15,000.The repayment term for Prime is 24 months.The Premier loan is a maxi loan ideal for purchases of vehicles, building and extension of property, tertiary education fees, etc.The minimum amount offered under Premier is R15,001 and the maximum is R100,000. The repayment term for Premier goes up to 60 months.

In order to apply for any of these loans,Vbs can be contacted on 0155160403 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.

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