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Izwe loans

Izwe Loans is a micro financial services provider which was established in 2004. It is a specialist finance company which offers personal or micro loans to South Africans who are


1st For Women Loans

Some dreams cannot be accomplished when obstacles are standing in your way; mostly, people see no light at the end of a tunnel simply because they don’t have what it


FNB Life Start Student Loan

First National Bank, popularly known as FNB, is one of the top four South African banks that are doing much to financially assist the public. Worth noting is that the


Cobol real easy loans online

The internet has gifted millions of individuals worldwide with a vehicle for much simpler transacting options. The finance and banking industries have benefitted immensely from innovative apps and banking tools


How to get rid of debt South Africa

Most people want as much to avoid debt but people have increasingly failed to avoid or even escape the consequences connected with debt. Being in debt can be a constant