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Guide to Medifin Online Loan Applications

In South Africa, not many people have access to medical aid. Medical insurance is a relatively new concept, which means that most people aren’t quite willing to pay for it


Orange Cash Loans- Quick Short-Term Loans

Orange Cash Loans is a leading financial services provider with branches all over South Africa. This makes it easy to get access to short-term loans when you need them most.

Bad credit

Unsecured debt consolidation loans

Settle your debts by reducing your monthly payments with an unsecured debt consolidation loan. Turn your current obligations of paying off your debts into just one manageable monthly loan payment.


Your Options for Loans in SA

With the rise in the Internet of Things even loan applications are fast becoming a way to apply for online. Whether you require a personal loan, Quick Payday loan, loans


The Best South African Credit cards

In South Africa, economist Justin Visagie describes the middle class as a household of four persons with a total income of between R5 600 and R40 000 per month after

Bad credit

The how-to’s for African Bank Loan Consolidation

Blacklisted people with bad credit ratings trying to make their way in the world, and only receiving loan rejections can be devastating to say the least. Take the stress out


Get Loans with Dot Loans

Whether you’re blacklisted, in need of a personal loan, bridging finance or even resolving debt problems, Dot Loans is your answer. Whose role is to relieve you from the stress


Get Credit with Marlin Credit Loans

For those of you who would not normally qualify for credit from banks. The road doesn’t stop there and you definitely haven’t hit a wall or a dead end as


Home Loans with Bond Busters

If you have a signed offer to purchase or have a deposit for your mortgage finance as well as the registration costs. Have a clean credit and bank record then


CapX Finance for Business Loans

CapX Finance assists clients who are unable to get funding from commercial banks or other traditional financiers. And since they know how cash flow problems are created. They also know